"Enter the Zoot Suit Riot" Online Premiere

 Welcome to the site of “The Rebirth of Kool”  – a musical film series in development. We are currently seeking funders and producers to manifest our vision in 2020. The first chapter of our saga, “Enter the Zoot Suit Riot”, is a historical drama circulating a race war that occurred in the summer of 1943 in East Los Angeles. In the opening scenes, you meet the main character Kool, a Mexican-American who had given up a life of crime to establish a small, swing dance club in South Gate. After a racist media-frenzy based on the infamous “Sleepy Lagoon” case, a great riot erupts and Kool gets pulled into the chaos. Even among such heinous acts of violence, we find there are good people on both sides. 

Concept film below: 

Music and Dance

Besides having a compelling storyline based on true events, we deliver the visual and audio elements by fusing the hottest music of the 1940s (Jazz, Swing, and Mambo) with Hip Hop while using street dancing such as Popping, Locking, Breaking, Hoofing and Lindy-Hop. 

Click on the link to preview a track produced by Emmy nominated composer, Harold O’Neal, featuring soloist Sophie Scott, our own rendition of "Do Right".  



 We want to highlight coveted events in history in a hyper-artistic fashion and provide characters with traits based on love, acceptance, and doing the right thing. We hope our films will bring awareness to the effects of racism. By educating people, we can bring them together!